Virtual Event

We’re celebrating 10 years of the Researchers’ World initiative and want to take children from all over the world on a journey around the (Henkel Researchers’) world. Be a part of our virtual live event and participate in an exciting experiment. Be a researcher for a day! 

What you will need:

  • 4 glass jars or plastic cups (approx. 350 mL capacity) 
  • 5 identical, slim, tall water glasses 
  • household sugar 
  • tap water 
  • measuring cup 
  • tablespoon  
  • kitchen scale 
  • thick plastic straws (party straws)  
  • waterproof plasticine 
  • waterproof felt pen 
  • ruler, scissors, sheet of paper, pencil 
  • non-carbonated drinks to test: apple juice, iced tea and the like

Information about the event

  • When: June 16, 2021, 6PM Eastern Time (ET)
  • Who: Everyone interested in being a young researcher (recommended age: 8-12 years)
  • Where: You will find the live stream via this link on YouTube
  • How: To remember the event, you can either ask your parents to schedule a meeting in their calendars for you or ask them to follow the Henkel YouTube channel to get notifications when we’re live and write it down in your own calendar!

To access the event, you don’t need to register, create an account or have a camera or microphone. If you want to ask questions using the chat feature during the livestream, YouTube requires you to log onto your account. 

What you’ll need to know for the experiment on June 16 at 6PM Eastern Time:

  1. Tell your parents you‘re participating in this event and ask them to log you onto the livestream.
  2. Ask your parents to provide the items you’ll need for the experiment.
  3. Don’t eat or drink while conducting the experiment.
  4. Wash your hands before and after the experiment.
  5. Handle your materials with care.